Why I started blogging + a little about me

Good Morning Y’all! I thought I would quickly share a little about me since I never really talked about myself in my very first blog post… I hope you enjoy!
I am originally from Minnesota but for the past 5 years, I’ve been living in Florida.  My dad’s job opened a new firm down here and so we backed up our van and followed him down here. When we first moved here it was a complete culture shock. I live in a part of Florida where it seems like over 75% of the population is retired and the rest are around the age of 50. Don’t get me wrong, this is such a beautiful place to call home and I am so fortunate to be able to live here. It is always hot and sunny, and we live just a few minutes from the beach. Oh and later in the month of March, I will do a whole post talking about FL and some of the best places to visit so if there are any questions you have or places you think I should talk about DM me or leave a comment below!

I will be graduating High School this Summer and I’m so excited! When I look back the past 4 years have actually flown by. While I am excited about the future I am also terrified at the thought of college. I hope to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in the fall and study Fashion Merchandising Management. Moving to New York City has been a dream of mine ever since I was little.  There’s something about the big city feel that just makes me happy… not to mention that its one of the fashion capitals. Anyway, this is not about my college plans (sorry I will be upfront with you… I tend to get off track when I’m talking or writing).

I started this blog because I wanted to become a useful resource for those out there who are struggling with everyday outfits or who simply want new inspiration. I actually never imagined myself starting a blog because (as you may already have gathered) I am not the best writer, but as I said before I wanted to create a place where people can come to gain inspiration and outfit ideas and not have it focus so much on my writing. I have found though that I have really been enjoying creating all my content and brand more than I originally thought I would. I love connecting with you guys and answering any questions that you may have

I hope you liked getting to know me a little bit more, I’ll create a blog post later going more in-depth on myself and the specifics behind why I started blogging, but I hope you enjoyed this post! I love connecting with you guys and answering any questions that you may have! You can either email me at liv.fashionably.blog@gmail.com, DM on Instagram @liv_fashionably, or leave a comment below!







  1. March 11, 2018 / 8:08 pm

    Wish I lived somewhere where its hot all the time, I am also thinking on doing fashion merchandising 🙂 great post!

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