Best of the fall accessories from #Nsale


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Here are a few of my favorite shoes and accessories from the sale. There were so many amazing pieces it was so hard to just pick a few! There are somethings selling out already so if you are eyeing a few pieces I would order them soon before it sells out. I do want to mention that Nordstrom does have free shipping and free returns for everyone which is super nice! So you can order a whole bunch of stuff and then return whatever doesn’t work. Also, Nordstrom will restock some of the sold out items when the sale becomes available to the public. So if you’re not a cardholder and a few of your pieces have sold out already don’t worry because there’s a chance that they will be back in stock. Now they don’t restock everything so it’s not a guarantee that everything will be available but a lot of it should be available. I was thinking of doing a post in a few days just sharing some different ways you could style the pieces I’ve picked out, so let me know if that would be something you would like to see!

I hope this post was helpful and you are finding some amazing things! I can’t wait to share what I bought!




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