6 Holiday Outfit Ideas

With Thanksgiving being next week, I thought I would share some holiday outfit inspiration with y’all so if you’re struggling with what to wear… I’ve got you covered!

While I’m all for dressing fancy at any time, it can become a challenge to find something to wear that you feel beautiful and confident in. Some of the outfits I’ll share below are pieces that I own, and some are pieces that I wish I owned, but think of the outfits below as more templates for you. I included links to all the pieces I share so you can shop the looks, but also don’t feel like you must have the same pieces below to look beautiful, you can also take some of the ideas I share below and use pieces that you already have. I hope this is helpful and you enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Outfit #1

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

I love the simple yet classy look of this first outfit! If you want to make this look with pieces already in your closet, then I recommend finding a piece you really want to wear and then use that to build your outfit around. Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures like in the outfit above! I love the look of a silk skirt paired with a chenille sweater but if that’s not your thing than wearing a white or grey shirt with this skirt would also look amazing! For shoes, I always think they should make a statement so for the monochrome outfit I thought a pair of black and white pumps would be cute but if you do a white shirt than a more blush pink shoe would look beautiful. It’s really your opinion though, just try not to go with bold colors when you have a light outfit.

Outfit #2

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

Pairing a tight skirt with a flowy shirt or oversized sweater is always a cute holiday look! The skirt doesn’t have to be stripped but since the two shirts I picked out are solid colors I thought it would be a nice contrast. And you can easily throw a blazer over top to also add a nice layer to the outfit if you’d like.

Outfit #3

One | Two | Three | Four

One of my top favorite fall looks would have to be sweater dresses and over the knee boots. Any sweater dress that you have would work perfectly! If you aren’t feeling boots a pop of colored heels would look so cute too.

Outfit #4

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

Pairing a bodycon dress under either an oversized (or flowy) sweater or a poncho makes another great layered look. Again, some might say that you can’t wear a sweater over a dress, but you can if the dress is fitted because you have tight on the bottom and then loose on top (also it allows you to eat all the Thanksgiving food!). This outfit would look great with either a pair of sock booties or just a pair of pumps or if you’re not a heels person you can absolutely wear flats with any of these outfits!

Outfit #5

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

This is more of a simple pants and a sweater kind of outfit, but I wanted to share with y’all some different ways you could dress up a normal pair of pants. I also included three different kinds of tops (a blouse, and two sweaters) so you could see some different options on how I might wear these.

Outfit #6

One | Two | Three | Four

If your holiday is slightly more casual and you wanna just stick with jeans… a sweater and flannel is the way to go! I have this sweater and flannel and absolutely LOVE them. They are amazing to layer together or are great on their own, and I just love the colors in this flannel. This sweater comes in two other colors and this flannel comes in a number of other colors.


I hope you guys found this post helpful and enjoyed it! Also, if you would be interested in seeing another holiday outfit inspiration in December let me know!




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