My First Tattoo + How I knew What I Wanted to Get

For the past couple of years, I have been dreaming of getting a small tattoo that would remind me of my grandfather. Around New Years, I finally bit the bullet and got one! Y’all loved my Inkbox post so much (you can read it here), so I thought I would share my experience getting the real thing.

I was asking around for some shops in Naples that were highly recommended and known to be clean. I ended up going to the guy a friend of mine went to and have to say he was amazing! Not only was the shop clean but the guy is very talented and chill. If any of you are in the Southwest Florida area, I totally recommend him! Here’s his facebook page where you can find all his information: Chris Buckholts

The only aspect of getting a tattoo I was afraid of was what it would feel like. You always hear people saying how painful tattoos are and so I was freaking out that it would feel like someone is cutting into me. For any of you who are considering a tattoo, I did not think it was painful. To me, it felt more like being scratched by a stick that got annoying and uncomfortable. However, the only part that hurts a little is when they are drawing over bone, but it is definitely bearable.

Now every shop may be different, but Webworks requires you to come into the shop to make your appointment. This way you can discuss the design of it with the artist and put money down to hold your appointment. When I showed up for my appointment, he had the design printed out and already for me. After drawing it on, Chris applied a little plastic sheet that I left on for the next couple of days and just helps to keep the ink in place and protected.

Below I included a list of the aftercare that I was told to do, however, each artist may say something different and so I suggest going with whichever way you feel is the best.

  • First, wash the tattoo twice a day for about a week to two weeks with this gold bar of Dial soap (within the first 2-3 days I was told that it’s good to wash three times a day to help avoid infection)
  • Then just apply Aquaphor to the tattoo and surrounding area

I hope this was helpful, but if any of you have any questions feel free to either email me or leave a comment below! Have a wonderful Thursday!




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