4 ways to style wide leg pants

One of the seasons most popular trend is wide leg pants. Because of that, I decided I would share a few different ways you can style this new trend. I included links below for all the items above, but I also included a description below so that you can recreate these looks with your own closet. I hope you find it helpful!

Everyday casual:

1. ACDC t-shirt

2. GG Marmont mini bag

3. Topshop wide leg pants

4. Veja sneakers

One of my favorite ways to style wide leg pants is to pair it with a simple graphic tee! I love pairing them with my favorite rock tees because I feel like it can help dress down a more casual pant. I personally think sneakers are the perfect addition to any casual outfit, but if that’s not your style sandals would also work!

Summer uniform:

1. JCrew fedora

2. Gap jean jacket

3. A&F white bodysuit

4. Topshop wide leg pants

5. Sam Edelman sandals

This A&F white bodysuit is amazing! Anyone who knows me well will know that a basic white tee is my hands down favorite shirt! I honestly own more white tees than any other kind of shirt. And so it’s no surprise that another way I love to style wide legged pants is with a white tee. Now I prefer a bodysuit with these pants simply because the pants are baggier and so you want a top that is slightly more fitted and so you have a more defined shape. However, I also wear it with a non-bodysuit tee and just tuck it into my pants, and it works perfectly, it’s more up to what your preference is. I also paired it with sandals this time just to show you a different shoe option, but you could still pair sneakers with this outfit instead.

Casual night out:

1. A&F lace cami

2. Topshop wide leg pants

3. Crossbody purse

4. Veja sneakers

If you are looking for a more elevated casual look, I would suggest pairing either a lace/ silk cami or a lace/ silk tee. To dress down the outfit, I would pair sneakers with it but if you are looking for a more sophisticated look than I would either go with heels or sandals. Either way, you will have the perfect casual night out outfit!

Work chic:

1. Gap blazer

2. Topshop white tee

3. Sam Edelman heels

4. Topshop wide leg pants

I also LOVE the look of a blazer with these pants! My suggestion on finding the right blazer to wear with your wide legged pants is to find one that is waist length (especially if your pants are high waisted) also, finding a blazer that will add a little texture to the outfit is always good! It’s okay if the blazer doesn’t have any similar colors as the rest of the outfit because that way your jacket will be more of an accessory to your outfit.




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