Nordstrom Sale Picks 2019- Workwear

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I decided to round-up some items from the sale that I thought would make perfect workwear outfits. If this is something that interests you and you would like me to post more of let me know! Below I put together 4 different outfits that show you some different ways to wear the pieces above.

First outfit: I love the look of layering a peplum top over a bodycon dress! The great thing about this style of dress is that you can wear it by itself under a blazer, or layered under any shirt.

Second outfit: I’m not usually a big fan of leopard print, but this dress is beautiful! I love the look of it layered underneath either a leather jacket or a tee-shirt tied over it for a layered look (you can go with a plain tee or even a  band tee to dress it down!).

Third outfit: this one is more basic but I just loved these pieces from something navy, so I had to share!

Fourth outfit: Not many people wear tweed anymore but I think it should be a staple in every women’s closet! You can pair it with either a tank or a simple top which would create a casual/ classic outfit. Also, never be afraid to pair a blazer with your outfit (even jeans!) they can easily dress up and pull any outfit together. And then I wanted to show you two different shoe options to show you how to dress the skirt down for a night out and then how to dress it up for work.

Make sure to head over to loverlygrey’s page because she’s sharing some excellent workwear inspo.





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