September favorites

This past month I have been absolutly loving these 5 products, and so I thought it would be fun to share with them with y’all and tell you a little about why I love them so much.

Beauty Blender– I started using this at the begining of the summer becuase I had heard so much talk about it that I had to try. I was really skeptical of its quality at first… but it hasn’t disapointed yet. I have noticed a difference in my foundation when I use the BB rather than just a brush.

Drunk Elephant serum– I have struggled with acne for as long as I can remember and nothing ever worked, but than I tried this serum and it was like magic. Now everyone’s acne and skin is different and so it may not work the same on you but no matter what it will help in some way. I do want to warn you that it is on the pricer side ($90) but if you can swing it it is worth every penny. Also, Drunk Elephant bottles are designed so that you get out every last drop of their product. Once I finished my last bottle of this I pulled out the tube and there was absolutly nothing left in the bottle… which is amazing!

Peter Thomas Roth serum–  If any of y’all struggle with dark spots forming after pimples, this is an amazing product! It is a brighting serum and has seriously improved my scaring.

YETI– I told my self that I would never purchase one of these mugs since they were so popular, but I was looking for a thermas to put my coffee in that would keep it hot all day while I was at classes. This mug is amazing! My coffee maker does not make produce very hot coffee and so I was afraid this mug wouldnt work, but it somehow keeps my coffee the perfect temperature all day. It is 100% worth every penny.

Lash primer– I originally started using this because it came as a sample in one of my Sephora orders and I thought it was pretty cool… if it worked. I am pleased to report that this product in fact does work and it does an amazing job at keeping my mascara from falling and collecting below my eyes.

If you guys saw my last post than you know how much I love these! Check out the post to read about sizing and everything!!





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