Tula Product Review + my new Favorite Face Cleanser

Spot treatment | Clear it up gel | Cleanser

For the past year, I have seen so many people talk about Tula on Instagram, and I decided to finally pull the trigger and try it out. I was very hesitant about the products at first but let me tell you… this trio has changed my life! After using these products, along with the cleanser below, I have noticed a significant change in my acne.

My nighttime routine:

  •  Use Tula Keep it Clear cleanser to remove makeup
  • Thoroughly scrub in Drunk Elephant cleansing balm (linked below)
  • Rub Tula Clear it Up all over my face every other night
  • When I notice a new pimple coming, in I immediately cover it with Tula Go Away spot treatment

Everyone’s skin is different, and so the products that work on me may not work on you; however, I always find these posts helpful because it’s all about trial and error.

This Melting Butter Cleanser by Drunk Elephant has also been a game-changer for my skin. A little bit definitely goes a long way and so you’ll definitely get your moneys worth. I also will like a few of my other favorite drunk elephant products below because I have been obsessed with them for the past couple of years.







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